Day 20-Praises

Another nice day. I realized that this week that I have done fairly well with my anxiety. I think the biggest thing I worry about is that I need to stay well.

Tomorrow I will start taking my meds to get ready. As I prepare for Friday please pray that I can tolerate the chemos. It scares me each time. You should see me in the chemo room. You all would laugh at me. I never relax like everyone else. I never sleep like everyone else. No way! I ask a million questions. I mean I question everything. I am the baby in there compared to everyone else. I get stares and glances. I know they are saying she is too young to be here. Thank goodness my husband and mom are so good and patient with me. It will never get to be a routine with me. I take each treatment very seriously. So please pray that I will be OK.

I hope that someday that someone out there going through this terrible, scary unbelievable dream can have hope and faith and know that I will walk them through. I want them to know that anything is possible through Him.

Thank you my committed friends for helping, supporting and praying for me. It means so much.

Sweet Dreams

States I know:
South Carolina
North Carolina
Did I forget any?? Lots to go. If you are a quite reader that is fine. If you would like to wear a bracelet just let me know.
(I have a friend that was covering a handful not sure where I will find out tomorrow, also I will have LA taken care of)