Day 5-Tuff but up

I am sorry my post have been short. I have been resting a lot. It is just a slow process. I did drag myself up today and made pancakes for the girls and myself. I homeschooled the girls this morning without any help too! I have been missing them. By the time we were done I was tired. It is amazing how powerful chemo is. I have been reading my emails, texts and comments. I am blown away. What a wonderful place and wonderful people that are serving. Thank you so much for all your praying. There are so many things that I want to say but I am not strong enough yet. I just want you to know that I am believing.

Thanks Mike, Mom and my inlaws for caring for me without any questions. Thanks for loving the girls. I am very lucky. Thanks to all my blog friends…someday I want to tell you how you have changed my life forever.

I have all the request for bracelets. They are being made. Canada too:)

The girls and I came up with an idea. It has to do with ornaments on our tree. If you would like to make an ornament with your name and/or blog info. It would be a reminder for my girls that you are a part of our lives to celebrate every year. It would be beautiful to see your love on our tree. Peace and love coming your way.

In His Arms