Hard work and Money? Frustrating!!

First of all thank you for praying for Savannah. She is feeling better and this morning she does not have a fever. So we are going to plan on celebrating later this afternoon. So praise, dance and sing.

Now I do not normally get mad but I am not happy. Alexa’s bracelets are being taken out of the envelope but they are still delivery the card with a slit in it. I have had one make it to Alabama so far. Alexa and I made a bunch last week and mailed them. So if you receive one let me know. I am going to have to figure out something else. I guess pay for insurance. In the beginning I had one not make it to AZ. I thought maybe we forgot to put it in. Alexa is so upset but she said right away I will make more. So I am going to need to take a trip to Michaels. Sorry if you are waiting. I hope they make it. Please give us extra time. We may even mail after Christmas. I guess they are looking for money??