My journey-catching up new viewers

My name is Cindy and I am 38yrs old. I have been married for 14yrs. My husband is an active duty soldier. He is working on 20 yrs of service. We have been able to move around and meet people from all over. I have 3 daughters. Who I love so much. I enjoy everything about them. I am a Christan, a daughter, a sister and a loyal friend of many.

Everything has been going well. I was loving my life. I was excited to start my new journey of homeschooling my two youngest when my life took a huge hit. Over the summer I went to the dr about a lump that I found. I was referred to an imaging center where I had an ultrasound and mammogram. The sad thing to this part of the story I brought this to my dr attention a year ago. He decided that I was fine and I did not need anything. So then I had a biopsy done. The results took forever. It was the longest week. When I finally got the call it was the worst day of my life. How was I going to tell my husband? How was I going to tell my family? Worst of all how was I going to tell my daughters. Next was a MRI to find where the cancer is. Then a biopsy of the cancer. Then waiting for the results. I saw a breast surgeon. He gave me the results. I was told stage 3. I was devastated. I went from the surgeon to the oncologist. After several scans and lots of appts. It was time to start my journey of fighting like a girl. The plan for me: 6 treatments, surgery, radiation and then reconstruction. Before I started chemo I knew I would have to talk to the girls. So I did. I chose to tell the girls at different times. It took everything out of me. This is where the bracelets took life. You can read back for more details on how I talked to them. So I started chemo and I am now on the 5th. It has been up and down. I am doing fine and looking forward to being done with this part.

Thanks for letting me catch up everyone. When I started blogging I never dreamed it would be therapy for me. It has been a way for me to be real and journal about my everyday life living with cancer. I have leaned on my faith to keep me focus. I did not know by choosing to believe and be obedient that I would find all of you. When I requested people to pray for me I did not know how amazing it was going to be. Because of all of you I am making it everyday. Thank you for blessing me everyday.

I am praising God tonight for another great day. I am looking forward to many more. Praying for a miracle and excited to give Him all the Glory!!

Love Cindy
PS-my email is down(if you have emailed in the last day sorry it will be back up on Friday)

Lee=ornaments-I would love to have one that is a reflection of prayergifts if you have time:)