Pink Pink Pink Pink Pray Pray Pray Pray

Here we go! Getting ready to settle down. The housekeeper comes in the morning. Love when she pulls my bed down so when I walk in the door I can snuggle right in. If you remember I was given this as a gift for a year. When I went to the fundraiser for breast cancer. She wanted to donate her time to a cancer patient. Too sweet.

So you are probably getting to know me and know what I need right now. Thank so much for praying for me. I am going to go in there telling myself that I can do this and walk out knowing I am conquering this terrible disease.

Wear your pink, wear your bracelet and lets shoot for that MIRACLE that I am seeking. Love you so much. It is time for this girl to get her fighting gloves on. Rocking the cancer center tomorrow (steroids sure do make you think you are rocky lol)

Keep sending bracelet request:)
Ps I joined Facebook and it is too fun