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Rest and Peace

I am too exhausted right now to get too much into my appt. I am asking for lots of prayers. I need you to be believe and while I am resting and praying for peace. I would love to hear from you through scripture. Scripture of healing. I need to be surrounded by strong support. I am asking for … [Read more...]

Very confused

Here is the poem Alexa wrote me 2 days ago:The Mom BC PoemI see you there so scared and frighted. I want to see you smile with light instead of the fright I see in your eyes. I want to scream to heaven for you. But all I need is pray and believe in my heart you will be fine. I know right now you … [Read more...]

I am home

Just wanted you to know that I am home. I did not want you to worry. I need to gather my thoughts and rest awhile. I will post later. Thanks for all of your praying.Cindy … [Read more...]

Day 8 RESULTS tomorrow-cancer please be gone

Tomorrow is my dr appt. How am I feeling? Well I am very nervous. I thought a lot about it. Of course when you do not know anything your mind leaves you alone. On the other hand when you have results your mind makes you feel and think everything. Boy has my live changed so much. I wonder if I … [Read more...]

Day 6-details from my surgery

Ok today is the 6th day. You all are getting to know me pretty good. So I do not like taking medicine. Specially strong pain medicine. I take one or two a day. I have these crazy looking drains. Thank goodness my Mom is here. I might be 38 but I like having a Mom that is a nurse and still thinks I … [Read more...]

First full day home

Hey everyone-I am hanging in there. The surgery seem to go fine. I am still on meds so I am a little off. I am sore and a little swollen. I have a fat lip?? I hope I did not make anyone mad:) I guess when they take the breathing tube out they must have hit me. Oh well. My Mom and Mike (thank … [Read more...]

Cindys Status

Mike Here, Cindy had a boring day today! She has just layed around on the sofa and relaxed... The meds are taking care of her pain and discomfort. Shes in good spirits and looking forward to being a little more mobile... She cant use her arms much more than to eat, brush teeth etc. Her mother is … [Read more...]

In the Hospital

Hey everyone!I just wanted to say hi before I get more pain meds. Thanks for praying for me. I am sore but hanging in there. Please continue to pray.Fighting like a girlCindy … [Read more...]

Cindys Status

Cindys Surgeon said the surgery went as planned and no complications! She has been in a private room for about 90 minutes now and is resting(pain meds). She is doing ok and I should be bringing her home sometime thursday. Her mom will stay with her tonight and I will go home with the kids. Thanks … [Read more...]


I have to be at the hospital at 8:30 and surgery is at 10:30. It is suppose to take 2 hrs. Not sure how long in recovery.Pray that I am calm and relaxed. Pray for my doctor. Pray for my complete healing. Mike will keep you updated on here and facebook as soon as he can. If you get a text or call … [Read more...]