Day 6-details from my surgery

Ok today is the 6th day. You all are getting to know me pretty good. So I do not like taking medicine. Specially strong pain medicine. I take one or two a day. I have these crazy looking drains. Thank goodness my Mom is here. I might be 38 but I like having a Mom that is a nurse and still thinks I am a baby:) She has been emptying them for me. I am still bandaged up and tightly I might add. So I have not seen myself yet. Am I ready?? Not sure??

I would like to back up a little: Wed morning. Blog friends I was so scared that morning. I prayed non-stop. When they called me back. They asked me to take my clothes off and put on these tight stocking and gown. I was like greeeeeat! Stocking so I would not get any clots. Of course nurse #1 could not get an IV on me:( They were sweet though. Can you believe they give your family a blinking pager like you are at Outback LOL. After they got me ready I hear Ms. Summers we cant find your family?? We have paged them 2 times. I was laughing in my head because I figured Mike and my Mom probably thought they could not see again. So they called them on the cell phone. Anyway here comes Mike. I thought well this is my chance to give him one last hard time before I go into surgery (trying not to cry) Where were you?? I am the only one without there fam. I guess you were went to Dennys! I was totally kidding. They both kissed me bye. The transporter to the next holding area was sent from God. She was this tiny older lady who kinda looked scary? One eye sorta shut. Prayed for me the whole long, cold stroll down those hallways. I cried the whole way. I was praying Lord please let me wake up. Please be with me and please heal me. When she got me to where I was she said In Jesus name. Trust Him. I love her. So nurse #2 no IV. By now I am like yuck. She tried again and finally it was a go. Three sticks for this poor chick. She stepped out for a moment. Dr H came in. Now I am starring at him hard looking to see if I see a white angel above his head. He says ok here is the yucky part. He stuck a shot in my breast and moves it around. They most pain I think I have felt since all of this came about. He leaves nurse comes in and says I am going to give you something so you can relax and you may not even remember anything after this. The doctor is going to come in and give you a shot. I said UMMM I just got a shot?? She was like already? I cant believe he gave it to you without anything. Girls I must be a tuff Mamma cuz I thought if i can do that then I can get through this surgery. So I do not remember anything after that until I woke up. Mike and Mom said that they were brought in to see me because I was teary eyed and scared. They said I talked to them and the drs but I do not remember. Mom said she thought that I messed up and that I would not remember. When I woke up I was in recovery. Nurse #3 was worried about me because my heart rate was 150 and moving. So from 1245 until 3 they did not get to see me. Now you all dont know Mike yet but he was about bust the doors down. He loves this little chick. I know this is long but I have a reason. The over all staff was good to me up to this point. I want to thank God for taking good care of me. I remember being so happy to be ALIVE. Off to my room. Nurse#4 he was very good to me. Ms. Summers I have lots of good drugs for you today. Just ask. You can have 4mg of morphine every 4 hrs. Oh my I think I will just take 2 thank you sir! He was great. Nurse #5 you would have thought I was being pranked. She came in to check me and the bed got stuck and every time she pushed the button the bed got worse. By the time I decided I am getting off this bed before I die she had my legs higher then my head. I looked like a hot dog stuck in a bun. Here I am “Mom can you take me to the bathroom”? So while I was in there I told her get me a new bed please maybe a new nurse while you are at it:) When we got out she had rest it. Thank goodness. While she was leaving she knocked over the blood pressure stand and everything went flying. You had to be there. She was good to me. So there ya go. I hope you enjoyed my journey through surgery.

Now I am just letting my body heal and getting ready for Thurs. Please pray for a cancer free report. Doctor could not find the clip or primary cancer in the breast. So I hope that path reports backs it up.

Tonight I would like you give Praise to God for getting me to this point. I would like to thank all of you for praying for me.

Til tomorrow
fighting like a girl and loving tank tops(they hold the drains so nice)