Day 8 RESULTS tomorrow-cancer please be gone

Tomorrow is my dr appt. How am I feeling? Well I am very nervous. I thought a lot about it. Of course when you do not know anything your mind leaves you alone. On the other hand when you have results your mind makes you feel and think everything. Boy has my live changed so much. I wonder if I will ever feel the same. Will I ever feel peace? When I think about this it is disappointing. I went from a happy soldiers wife with three great kids and lots of family and friends in a simple life to a scared, nervous confused girl with a very busy life. I do believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it just takes patience while figuring out where you go from here.

Tomorrow are my results! Am I cancer free? Is there anything positive? Oh Lord I want this so much. I want it so bad. I am praying for a miracle. I am praying hard. Please allow me to continue to serve you. Please join with me tonight.

Love you all
fighting like a girl

I would like to share a poem from Alexa-be back in a bit