Feeling Better

Well I took a few days to think about what everyone said on my last post. I also thought about what 2 of my blog friends said that I talked to over the weekend. I realize that I am going to fall and be scared sometimes but I am ultimately going to have to give it to God. He is in control and when I lay my head down at night I need to Believe. Thank you for letting me journal. I knew when I started this I was not going to hide anything. I knew that I wanted to be true to my feeling. If I help one person who is suffering or needed direction it is worth it. Thank you for helping me find my way through the last few days. As I sat in church today and tears ran down my face I handed it over to God. I asked Him to heal me as He promised. I felt so much better when I walked out of those doors.

Thanks again for all the cards, calls and encouragement. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for reminding me to Praise Him everyday for getting me this far. I am thankful. As you pray for me please thank Him and give Him all the Glory.

I am feeling better. Still need to get rid of bronchitis so I can have my surgery.

Much Love