Last weekend before surgery

What was I doing last night? I was at Alexa’s last home game. I have been able to attend a lot of her games. It has been so much fun. Sending praises up:)

Calling all prayer warriors!!!
We are finally at the count down for my surgery. I can not believe that chemo is done. I know I keep saying it but it so wonderful to be done. Now it is time to get ready. I pray that my surgery is successful. I am praying for my body to be healed completely. Please pray for Dr. Habal.

More bracelet went out today. If you have not received yours please email me. I remailed 7 of them today.

I am going to spend this cold weekend inside getting my home ready. Thanks in advance for everyone that will be helping with the girls and my house.

fighting like a girl

ps: I am going to enjoy the next few days of feeling normal