Relaxing and thinking (Praising for getting this far)

Today I spent most of the day messing around in house while Mike took the girls out on a date. It was some much need time for them. I was going to talk to the girls today but I decided I would do it tomorrow. So I will update you on how they deal with our talk.

What am I worried about? What am I thinking? Today was a great day to just think about everything that I have been through since Aug. It all happened so fast. Well as I thought today I started to get a little nervous about the surgery. Why do we always worry about waking up? I don’t know but that is the one thing that I keep worrying about. I am not really worried about the pain or getting use to being without a body part. It is so weird looking at the doctor/nurses and going to sleep and than waking up and it being done. My surgery is suppose to 2 hrs and my stay in the hospital is one night. They get you out fast! I am praying for a successful procedure. I am praying for the cancer to be gone before they get there. I am praying for a healthy recovery so I can continue to raise my beautiful girls.

I was wondering do you think God is sending the snow here tomorrow for a reason? Do you think it is a reminder that He is here and the beautiful white snow that is going to fall will keep me looking up to watch it fall?

Pray tomorrow that the girls will understand this is just another step in our journey that Mommy has to go through. I am looking forward to loving and snuggling them.

Pray that my Mom has a safe a trip tonight. I am lucky that she will be with me for a week. She is going to help me with my drains and whatever else comes along with this surgery. I am having a radical on the left and a mastectomy on the other. Sounds scary to me. Tonight I have to start taking a new medicine. I have to take it for 5 years. I am hoping I will do fine with it.

Thanks for all your comments, calls and facebook visits. I request please:) Mike will be updating my blog and checking my facebook. Encourage him and let him experience the power that I have experienced from all of you.

Pray Pray Pray
fighting like a girl