So glad no more chemo

I was just thinking how happy it is to say no more chemo. I feel pretty good this go around with the chemo. I just need to knock this bronchitis. So pray hard hard hard. I need to get better so I can get this cancer out (if there is anything left) I go on Wed to get my counts checked. I feel like they are up. I hope so:)

Alexa’s appt went the same as last. It is strange. I am waiting to hear from her pediatrician and his take on it. Please keep her in your prayers.

This week I am trying to get everything done so when I have surgery my house will run smooth. We just put our home on craigslist and working hard on selling it. Please pray that our home will sell so Mike wont be away from us too long. The Army is moving him on the 9 of Feb.

The goal: Cancer Free and Home Sold– God you are in control

Sending Love
fighting like a girl