Standing in the gap

Yes today I want to thank you for standing in the gap. It has been amazing to think back at those days that I thought I could not move. Those days I was so poisoned that I don’t even remember if I prayed. Those days I did not spend anytime with the girls because all I did was slept. You were there standing in the gap. You were lifting me up and staying strong for me. You were sending love to my girls. You continued to believe even when I began to fall. You have been there and I am thankful.
To my husband thank you for cooking, cleaning, taking care of the girls, working so hard for the Army,and for loving me. I know it must be so hard to be the Mom and the Dad. I LOVE YOU!

Today I had my EKG and chest x-ray. So now it is the count down for my surgery. so far everything is set for the 21st. I am feeling better. Still trying to kick the bronchitis. Great news thou all my counts are up and in the normal range! Happy girl here.

One week from today I am having a double mastectomy and lymph nodes removed on one side. So many questions. I will have my results on the 29th. I am going to need some major encouragement. Getting ready for part 2 of my journey.

Glad part one is almost over:)