Surgery Date Change

I am still feeling kinda a yucky but praying that I get better soon. I went to the breast surgeon today. It really stinks when you are starting to get excited and something knocks you down. When I saw the Dr he wanted to discuss the options of surgery. I knew all along what I wanted. My thought process was if I had a double mastectomy I would have a better chance of not getting cancer again. Well he told me that it really did not matter what I decided to do. That localized breast cancer is no problem. He felt confident that by touch I had a good response. The problem is the cancer showing up in the organs in the next 3 years. I was immediately depressed. I just want to be OK. It is so scary to think that this is part of my life that I will have to worry about all the time. So the rest of the day I had a hard time not crying. I am so mentally exhausted. I am so glad to done with chemo. I am so glad that it seems to have worked. So I am sorry that I seem so down but this can really mess with your mind. Thank you for letting me be open.

Surgery date is changed to the 21st. I go have a chest x-ray and my heart checked Wed. I guess all I can do is rest and get healthy.

Thank you for praying. Lord give me direction and strength. Keep me focused so I can beat this.