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Feeling Bad

Just a quick request. I have not been feeling well today since this afternoon and it is scaring me. Please pray that I feel better. I am suppose to leave for Charlotte after my Dr apt but I am not sure that I will be able to. My head hurts so bad and I feel very off tonight.Thanks for … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Lee over at Prayergifts:)

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Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm waiting…..

Well I was waiting to hear from the Dr about when I start simulation before I blogged again. I still have not heard and they said that they would call me Mon or Tues. So of course "little miss bundle of nerves" yes that is me starts thinking maybe something is wrong with my ct scan. You know what … [Read more...]

I have a cross in the middle of my chest

I went to the radiation center today. I was measured and marked today. I felt a little weird when a cute, tiny, blond early twenties comes and gets me. Ms Summers? Come with me and put this gown on. She had to fit me for the CT scan. I was thinking "I wonder what she thinking when she is … [Read more...]

Back tomorrow for markings

I have no idea what is going on or what to expect?? I went to today thinking I was going to get marked but I was wrong. It seems they like to meet with you a few times to talk and examine you. So are they making sure this is what I want? Shoot yes! Lets get this party started. I found out some … [Read more...]

Say a prayer

Todays PT appt was fine today. Lots of info to read and lots to learn. I have to learn how to care for myself. Living w/o lymph nodes on my left side. I am glad I went. Tomorrow I am not sure what to expect. I think they are just going to mark me and get me ready. I am so nervous. This will … [Read more...]

Empty Nest

So this feels strange. Well I am not old enough to have an empty nest( it is just temporary) but Savannah and Madison left yesterday to stay with Mike's Dad until Friday. They are having a mini vacation. So I am missing them tons. Mike just pulled off a minute ago to head back to Charlotte. … [Read more...]

Daddy’s on the way

Daddy is the on way home for the weekend! … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks

The girls are doing pretty good. Savannah has a touch of a cold so say a little prayer for her.I wanted this post to thank some people. First I wanted to thank my Mom for everything. I know it has been tuff but having you during my chemo treatments and surgery was wonderful. I wanted to thank my … [Read more...]

Mike is safe and girls are fine

This morning was OK. Mike made his way to Charlotte today. It was strange but everything went fine. I figured the girls would be fine the first few days. It seems to be the 3rd or 4th day when it affects them. Thanks for praying for me:)So today is the first day that I have not been all … [Read more...]