Doctor appt

Yesterday’s appt went fine. My drains can out and I was happy about this. Now all I have to do is heal from surgery and I can start radiation. I am scheduled to have 30 treatments. My prayer request is to be cancer free. I know they took the lymph nodes out and I had my breast removed(sounds weird) but the fact that the chemo did not kill the cells complete is very unsettling. I need and pray so much for this to work. Continue to pray hard for me.

Next appt is Feb 18 with the radiation. Mike is leaving on Monday. I have my house up for sale. Lots to lift up and pray about.

Praises: Primary cancer gone, successful surgery, lymph nodes removed

Thanks for remembering me always. If you need a bracelet let us know. It seems 2 did not make it again. NH and I think NY