Giving Thanks

The girls are doing pretty good. Savannah has a touch of a cold so say a little prayer for her.

I wanted this post to thank some people. First I wanted to thank my Mom for everything. I know it has been tuff but having you during my chemo treatments and surgery was wonderful. I wanted to thank my sister for walking the race for a cure several months back. I wanted to thank all my friends and family for their donations. I wanted to thank my girls so much for their positive out look on everything. I am fighting for you! I want so bad to continue to have the awesome privilege of raising you. All three of you make me very proud. I wanted to thank my in-laws for coming to stay with me. I wanted thank my doctors for doing what you do best. I wanted to thank my friends for coming to visit and for all the cards and gifts. You dont know how much it means to get a card. I want to thank all my blog friends. The most Godly women I have ever met before. Each one of you mean a lot to me. The encouragement has pulled me through. The praying has been strong and I thank you. Keep praying when two or three pray together I feel He is with me. Mike thank you for working as hard as you do. Thank you for being positive when I am falling a part. Everyone has been doing their part. I thank you. Last but not least I want to thank GOD! Thank you for bring all these wonderful people in my life. I pray that you protect and bless them all. Sometime today please Praise Him for getting me this far. Please pray that I heal from the surgery and that radiation is effective. Please pray for complete response to all the therapy and allow me to live a life with purpose(Nichole:))

Sending love your way
fighting like a girl

Leigh thanks for the card!
August thanks for listening and guiding me!