Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm waiting…..

Well I was waiting to hear from the Dr about when I start simulation before I blogged again. I still have not heard and they said that they would call me Mon or Tues. So of course “little miss bundle of nerves” yes that is me starts thinking maybe something is wrong with my ct scan. You know what I am going to pause and call them…..

OK here we go I have to run after them. So tomorrow at 9am I will get my final marking and go through simulation. Pray for me.

Alexa and I had a great time last week. I was glad the girls got home safely and we have been homeschooling hard this week already. If the weather warms up off to the park with the other Hschoolers in the area:)

Thinking we may hit Charlotte this weekend for quick hey before radiation. Then back on with the pink gloves. Boy I never thought I would be going through this. It was been a rough road but I am fighting hard. I will stop by and visit soon. Looks like a lot of fun things going around. Keep blogging!

fighting like a girl