Its late and your sleeping

Dear Cindy,
Its late and your sleeping and Im thinking about you BIG TIME!!!! Im SOOOO lucky to have found you and was able to start a life with you 18 years ago. You have been my best friend that has always been there for me and our girls no matter what! Im as confussed and concerned as you are now but have peace that you will be ok! You are doing so well with all the test/treatments/surgerys/Dr visits(each one with new news and twist). I couldnt be prouder of you! I know as you are thinking aboout the past and future, you are scared and it must be over whelming! I want you to know that I love,respect, and cherrish you for who you are and who you have been and what its taking you daily to fight off this awfull cancer! emotionaly I try to stay strong,focused and confident.. Sometimes I have taken the trash just to be able to breakdown by myself because I dont want to upset you anymore than you are inside already. I know and the girls know how much you love them! We love you too! Getting my things ready for Charlotte has not been easy, it has just helped me stay busy. I feel so sad yet encouraged for June to get here! We will never have to be seperated again after this final chapter in our Military service!(unless we decide to keep on after feb 2011….) That will be your call at that time! sometimes I have a hard time getting to emotional with you> I want you to be able to feed off my strength and me yours! IM CONFIDENT IN YOUR FIGHT!!!!! you are a good woman and a great friend, and mother and I look forward to growing old with you!!!! As far as your friends, and our families, I want to thank you for being there for us and motivating us and being a support channel. Even though I will be in Charlotte, your always on my mind and never futher than a 4 hr drive! I miss you when your sleeping and Im awake.

Love, Mike