More snow?

They say it may snow again? I wonder…I have been praying for a sign. A sign to let me know where, what or why? Something.

Since I blogged last it has been a few days of confusing and unclear feelings. I did talk to my Dr on Friday. She seem to not be surprised that I had 11 nodes positive. She said since the Dr missed it a year and half ago. She told me that I was not done until radiation and the medicine I have to take is complete. She said that the chemo did work but just did not give me a complete response. It is scary to know that it could be floating around or in the tissue were the lymph nodes were. I did want to make something clear. During my surgery the doctor removed my lymph nodes. I guess I may have not been clear. As far as the surgery I feeling much better. I go back on Thursday to get checked again. Please continue to pray for me by name. I need for this therapy to work. I need radiation to clean up and sterilize my tissue. Please pray for me to be cancer free. Tomorrow I will be going were I will be having radiation. I will be learning what to expect for my next journey.

Thanks so much for leaving me comments. I need to surround myself around Scriptures of healing. Thank you for praying. Praising God for the tumor being gone.

I am trying to stay focused.

Love Cindy
Nicki-thanks for lifting me up on the mountain:)