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Random fun pictures-Day 22 OUCH

Madison cheering on her sister! Savannah taking sailing lessons last summer-so coolAlexa's gameAlexa's 1st place competition! … [Read more...]

Day 22 Radiation

Ok so I look like I have been at the beach everyday for two weeks. All I can say is OUCH! Continue to pray for me. I am praying that my body is and will handle radiation. I pray for my precious lungs. I know that they take a hit so I pray that they stay strong. Today I worked out with a … [Read more...]

Fun weekend

Here they are after tons of hugs and kisses! Saying bye until Friday:) … [Read more...]

Apostle Hope Carpenter

Church was awesome tonight. The guest speaker was Hope. Her husband has a big church in SC. She really spoke to me tonight. She reminded us that God does not always work the way we want Him to. That He is always good. She reminded us how important it is to study the Word. She said we have do what … [Read more...]

Day 20 We have 3 winners

I am so glad my husband was wrong this morning. On the way to radiation my husband so you will have 15 treatments today and I said "O No You Didn't" I said no I have 20 down today so we went back in forth no 15 no 20 no 15. So I thought maybe I was wrong?? Well I saw the doctor today. He said … [Read more...]

DAY 20- We have 3 winners!

so I thought well maybe I was wrong. When I saw the doctor today he told me that IFirst of all I am so glad my husband was wrong this morning. He said that I only had 15 treatments and I was like " O no you didn't" So we went back in forth 15 no 20 no 15 and then I was confused had 10 left! So … [Read more...]

Day19 Radiation

Check out those eyelashes and eyebrows growing-happy girlWell this week radiation is getting to me. I have been so tired first thing in the morning. So I have been resting a lot. Here is a picture of the burn that I am getting. Not liking that too much. I look forward to having a break over the … [Read more...]


So it is time to party and give PRAISE! This is my first of many giveaways so make sure you stop by often. I am celebrating my clear scan. I am giving HIM all the GLORY AND PRAISE!You all know that I have been fighting like a girl:) So I feel it is only appropriate to give away a fight like a girl … [Read more...]

Praise God

I want ever one to PRAISE GOD right now. ALL scans are clear!!! I can not even type. I am so excited!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love you allCindy … [Read more...]

Almost finished today

Well I have had the scan of my head, chest, tummy and pelvis:) The contrast was yucky!! They sent me home to let the injection work for the bone scan. I am suppose to be back at 130 for that. Thanks for praying for me.Off to radiation now. The machine is broken this morning so here we go. Long … [Read more...]