Alexa’s decision and we support her

So after our meeting as a family Alexa made the decision to withdraw from school here in Greenville and start school in Charlotte on Monday. Yes I said MONDAY! I tried everything I could to get the county to make an exception. Answer is NO! So I have been running like crazy getting the girls ready. OK so I said GIRLS! This cap on the schools effects all three of them. So Mike and I decided to enroll all of them to get their spots. They all were enrolled 2 yrs ago and it was a wonderful experience. So we will see. Mike is going to have his hands full. He will be taking on working and taking care of the girls. I am going to stay back here and finish my treatments and sell the house. I am so going to miss the girls. I have never been away from them for more than a week. They are going to come home on the weekends. So what do you all think? Are you shocked? I am. It hit me when I saw Alexa’s friends crying today. It breaks my heart. My girls have been through so much. Lord please watch over them.

One more thing thrown in my lap! I am being pushed and tested but I am pushing through.

Lord give me the strength.

Day 9 of radiation is done!! I am beat from a very busy week. Pray for our travels tomorrow after radiation. Sending much love!

Lord I Pray that you touch my skin and tissue.

Lord I am sending Praise to you for all my friends who are stepping up and helping out with the girls. I love you all.