DAY 20- We have 3 winners!

so I thought well maybe I was wrong. When I saw the doctor today he told me that IFirst of all I am so glad my husband was wrong this morning. He said that I only had 15 treatments and I was like ” O no you didn’t” So we went back in forth 15 no 20 no 15 and then I was confused had 10 left! So I am glad that you were wrong Baby!

My girls are coming home today. I can not wait!! Pray for a safe trip:)

Here are the winners! Thanks to my sister for helping me draw the names.

Winner #1 Koozie- Tracy B. @ Our Journey

Winner #2 Koozie- Laurie- Love, Hugs and Prayers

Winner #3 Fight like a Girl T- Cindy @ Consider It All Joy

Thats for playing along with me! Send me your info


fighting like a girl