Day 20 We have 3 winners

I am so glad my husband was wrong this morning. On the way to radiation my husband so you will have 15 treatments today and I said “O No You Didn’t” I said no I have 20 down today so we went back in forth no 15 no 20 no 15. So I thought maybe I was wrong?? Well I saw the doctor today. He said your skin looks good. I was thinking are you crazy if this is good I don’t know what bad would look like. So give God Praise for my skin looking good. He also said that I had 10 to go. So yes I am glad you were wrong Baby!

Today is Friday and you all know what that means! I see my girls tonight. Continue to pray for them during their travels in the rain. Miss you girls:)

And the winners are:
winner #1 koozie-Tracy @ Our Journey
winner #2 koozie-Laurie Love, Hugs and Prayers
winner #3 fight like a girl T- Cindy @ Consider It All Joy
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Congrats and thanks for playing with me. Next weeks giveaway will be fun too.

fighting like a girl