Day19 Radiation

Check out those eyelashes and eyebrows growing-happy girl

Well this week radiation is getting to me. I have been so tired first thing in the morning. So I have been resting a lot. Here is a picture of the burn that I am getting. Not liking that too much. I look forward to having a break over the weekend.
I have had a lot of question about how my weekend was. It was fabulous. The girls and Mike were very excited. I am looking forward to them coming here tomorrow. Please pray for them to have a safe trip. It is suppose to rain.
Winner for the first giveaway will be posted tomorrow. I hope you enjoy wearing it. It is very popular here. Everyone is always asking me where I got mine from. It was one of the first things I got when I was first diagnosed. Next week will be something monogrammed so make sure you visit soon.
I am thankful for all of you! Please pray for my last few weeks of radiation.
fighting like a girl and missing my babies