Hoorary Yippe Haha….

I am done with Day number 5 and done for the week. Thanks so much to Pat and Sherry for helping this week!

Radiation feels like how you feel after you have been in a tanning bed. It has been 15 years since I have been in one but I remember that feeling. Your skin feels hot. You have that tiny bit of sunburn feel and you have the chills a little because the wind is hitting you. So that is how I feel right now. I am putting pure aloe from health food store on every hour and I am also stretching. Not sure if it is going to help from getting too burnt and loosing the elasticity from my skin but it is worth a shot.

I am having to make big decisions this week about moving and the girls. So please pray that I be lead in right direction. I will blog about it tomorrow.

Thanks for standing with me and fighting for me. You all are the strongest Prayer Warriors and I am glad you are fighting this battle with me. Off to PT now:)

Love Cindy
enjoy the weekend