We had our meeting

This a long and crazy story. So I hope I can explain this right. You all know that the Army transferred Mike. We have the house up for sale. So the plan is move over the summer and get the girls ready for school. Well we had something thrown on our plate. I am so often compared to someone in the Bible and his name starts with a J! Lord give me the strength The county in which we are moving to is over capacity and they are not enrolling anymore students after the 18th of March. They are not giving enough time for families to react. So all along I have been telling my daughter that everything is going to be OK .You are going back to your friends. Well now I have had to tell her that she will have to go to another school that is farther away and start fresh and pick up her life her and leave it behind. Or she can stay here. She has friends, A student, loves her teachers and has a little boyfriend. So what is a girl to do…….

To be continued!

Day 8 went fine. I did not get to see the doctor yet. Thanks for praying and I look forward to Praising God tonight at church for getting me this far.