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Surprise to me and Praising God for friends and family

Sorry I have not been on in a while but I have been trying to get organized and get the girls on a schedule. I am doing fine. My skin is looking good. I go back to the Dr on the 13th for a check. So I am feeling pretty good. I have been staying busy and I guess so busy that my family and … [Read more...]


Hey there I am in Charlotte and have not been able to get on the computer. I know a lot of you are looking for me. My facebook is gone for now. I received a ugly virus on my computer. So here is my email until I get another made:micialsa@aol.comYes today is my birthday and I am praising GOD for … [Read more...]


MY ADHD ME Let me know what your initials and address are so I can send you your car monogram:) Love Cindy … [Read more...]

New Graduate of Radiation 101

Finally finally finally!! The radiation machine was fixed over the weekend. So on Friday I was treated on a different machine and then yesterday and today I finished. Hallelujah!! Of course the doctor was in a procedure so I have to go back in the morning to get released until I see him again in … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY TIME-I Love Monogramming

Well the radiation machine is still broken. I have never heard such a thing. They are hoping to be able to treat me tomorrow. So we will see. Mike and the girls are traveling tomorrow to come home. So I am super excited. I was wanting to celebrate being done with radiation with another giveaway so I … [Read more...]

How do you deal with stress?

I go and buy a wig:) So what if I cant go to radiation today! … [Read more...]


I am getting ready to walk out the door when the phone rang. Mrs. Summers our radiation machine is down. It will be down all day because they are flying in parts from somewhere else. Oh and not sure if it will be ready tomorrow. We will let you know. AARRRRGGGGHHH....NO NO NO NO I wanted to be … [Read more...]

3 more days of Radiation

I am a walking drug store right now. What am I using? Well I am using pure Aloe (not the green or blue we always use after we go to the beach) because it does not have alcohol. I have learned that the other stuff actually dries out your skin. So try pure aloe from the health food store it is a … [Read more...]

You would have thought I have been somewhere tropical

First off I just got home today from seeing my girls! It was a fun weekend. They all look great. Thanks to all my family and friends for helping out. Without you ALL I would be having a much harder time here. Mike you are doing a great job.So now it is time to celebrate only 4 days left of … [Read more...]

Fabulous Award

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