3 more days of Radiation

I am a walking drug store right now. What am I using? Well I am using pure Aloe (not the green or blue we always use after we go to the beach) because it does not have alcohol. I have learned that the other stuff actually dries out your skin. So try pure aloe from the health food store it is a great healer. I use polysporin on the parts that are raw. I use vitamin E pills (pop them and pour on the skin) and cooling lotion without parabins (toxic chemicals). I also am stretching and trying to fight the tighten of my skin. It is a lot but I rather do more than not enough. Continue to pray for me during this last week.

3 more days, 3 more days! I cant say that enough today.

The girls are coming here on Thursday and I am so excited. Thank goodness for Spring Break:)

Friday will be time to celebrate so I will have a giveaway. So pop back and help me celebrate the end of a long 7 months. I know that I still have a long time ahead of me but it is nice to see the end of this chapter. Racing to the finish line and fighting like a girl.

I love you Mike, Alexa, Savannah and Madison Belle