New Graduate of Radiation 101

Finally finally finally!! The radiation machine was fixed over the weekend. So on Friday I was treated on a different machine and then yesterday and today I finished. Hallelujah!! Of course the doctor was in a procedure so I have to go back in the morning to get released until I see him again in 4 weeks. Oh well. I made it. A little over 7 months. Can you believe it. Yes that was the key to this all. Even when I could not see or did not know what direction to turn. BELIEVING was the answer.

Thank you Lord for getting me through 6 chemo treatments, thank you for getting me through a double mastectomy and removal of my lymph nodes, and thank you for getting me through 30 radiation treatments. Giving you all the Glory.

Thanks to all my family and friends. Thanks to all my blog friends for guiding me and keeping me focused. Thanks to my girls for telling me that I was beautiful and that I was the coolest Mom with my bald head. Thanks to my husband for loving me.

Continue to pray for me to heal and detox my body. Now it is time to celebrate. If you have not left me a comment on my giveaway you still have time. I will pick the winner tomorrow at 9pm.

The girls are doing great!

fighting like a girl

Laurie and Tracy did you get your koozie?
Cindy waiting for my order still:)