You would have thought I have been somewhere tropical

First off I just got home today from seeing my girls! It was a fun weekend. They all look great. Thanks to all my family and friends for helping out. Without you ALL I would be having a much harder time here. Mike you are doing a great job.

So now it is time to celebrate only 4 days left of radiation. I am so sunburned and I can not even say that I have been to some exotic and tropical island. Oh well I will just pretend. One thing that they told me is that it will keep burning for sometime after because of the accumulation. I was not happy to hear about that. So just say a little prayer for my body to heal from all of this.

First showing of my house. Come on buyers get out there!

I know that I have missed bunches of calls in the last few weeks. Sorry between radiation, PT and the gym I have had little time. The dogs have filled in the rest of my resting time. Spoiled little monsters.

Have a wonderful day I am looking for the finish line:)