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It’s Been A While

I am looking forward to this school year being over! It has been one thing or another. It seems like nothing is going right. Do you ever feel like you can't get a break? Well that is how I feel. I have completely lost focus and it feels terrible.My results for my genetic testing came in but they … [Read more...]

My birthday pictures

Here I am surprise! Sorry I did not have these sooner. Thanks Teri for taking pictures:)My Mom and sisters...Stephanie and SunnieStacy and Mary ....Friends from Charlotte....Mary is Madison's second Mama-Thanks for filling in:)Mimi (my blog friend who surprised me first time meeting her)Debbie and … [Read more...]

Relay For Life Pictures-No Words Too Many Emotions

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Pictures :) Going home to see my kids

Do you remember when I talked about God giving me a sign during one of my apts at radiation and when I went into one of the rooms I looked up and saw this blue butterfly. I love this picture. It seemed whenever I needed some encouragement I was sent in this room. This is the room I ended up in … [Read more...]

It was Amazing-Relay for Life

Thanks for all your comments. It was a great show on Friday night. I am in Greenville and I left the camera in Charlotte so I will post pictures over the weekend. You all would have been proud of me. I wore my purple while giving God all the Glory! I even went w/o my wig towards the end of the … [Read more...]

My first Relay for Life! PURPLE

So today is the day that I have been dreaming of for a while now. It is my first relay for life. I will be walking at 6pm today with my purple survivor shirt on:) I am nervous and excited! My family and friends will be there with me too. All of you in blogland will be with me too. I hold every … [Read more...]

Lost Puppy

So I am in Charlotte still. I am trying to keep up around here. I feel like a lost puppy pulling out me hair. The only thing is my hair is not long enough to pull out:) I am going to ask for a few prayer request. Alexa and Savannah have not been feeling well. Pray for a quick get well. Alexa … [Read more...]