15 years as a Soldier’s Wife

Happy Anniversary Baby! OK so being that I am between two places waiting to sell my house I do not have any wedding pictures but I will put some on later. Not sure where to start. It has been a journey of its own. I met Mike not too long after he came back from Germany. So here we go… Mike and I married when I was 24. It was goodbye family and hello Army. The only thing is that a few weeks after we were married Mike was in one location and I was in another. It was weird and NO the separation pay was not worth it! After about a year I thought I was going to be moving to Ft. Gordon, GA but we ended up at Ft. McClellan, AL. Goodness all by myself did not know anyone. This tiny town and living off post with little pay. Crazy…hey you can’t even get a ticket by the MP’s w/o your soldier knowing HAHA! I kept forgetting how slow you are suppose to drive when you get on post:) I was just happy to be with my soldier.I did not care where we lived. So from there when we received our first orders to move of course Mike had to leave while I had my first experience with transportation and moving our stuff. I think he went to Paratrooper School or what I call Jump School. I wish I had all my stuff so I can remember for sure. Anyway I was a baby and it was time to learn that to be a wife of the military you want it done you got be independent and strong. So I lived through it and off to Ft. Bragg, NC. It was sooooo much bigger than MeClellan. Goodness we were not there very long and I am talking weeks before I found out that our first Army Brat was on the way. I was so excited. Another crazy experience though. Alexa was born at Womack. Yes the Army hospital. I will save you from the details. I just know that I had to take care of myself most of the time. I am sure it is a lot different now. Remember when you are in your late 30’s you are considered old in the Army. So I am going to fly through this now because I know I am not the only blog you read. This was the start of a fun journey. We moved so many times I have lost count. After Alexa was born Savannah came 2 years later in Florida at a civilian hospital and then 2 years later Madison. I think by this time we had moved 3 or 4 times. So here I am Mike leaves for 4 months and I have a 4 yr, 2 yr and 3 month old. I think this is where I became super mom. I could go anywhere and do anything. I was very proud of myself. I was fine with moving around and meeting new people. I have made some great friends along the way. Fast forward…It has been hard, fun, adventurous, sad and wonderful all at once. I am just extremely proud of the dedication my soldier has for his country. He told me from the beginning he wanted to serve 20 and he’s almost there. The only thing we did not plan for in our a future was at 17 years that I would be diagnosis with breast cancer. It has been a tuff 9 months but my soldier and I switched roles. I became the soldier fighting for my life while he had to sit back and take care of the house, kids and everything else that comes along with taking care of the family. I know it must have been hard watching your wife battle this terrible disease and tell his three little girls Mommy is going to be OK and not really knowing. It breaks my heart but he was there 100% and I could not have done it w/o him. I love you Mike! Just when I think things couldn’t get any worse Mike has a heart attack. This is just not fair. We are both too young to be dealing with all of this. 18 years active duty and 3 daughters and 2 major issues. There is still so much we want to do. The Army was been good to us and thank goodness for our health insurance because chemo is no joke! Well this was a quick look at the last 15 years of my life as the wife of a soldier. So far it has been great and I look forward to being around for the next 15. To all of you wives out there I know it is hard and you feel like you are married to the military sometimes but be strong you can do it. You never know what is going to be thrown your way. Everything happens for a reason and I can say life is a little sweeter now.

Have Faith! Through Him anything is possible!! Thanks for all of your prayers and support.

Happy Anniversary Mike – I LOVE YOU

fighting like a girl