Another month and no promotion

OK well you remember last Fall when I told you that Mike made the promotion list. He was so excited and boy did we need some good news with all the bad news. Here we are in June and the Army has not promoted one E-8 in his MOS. Not one!! Poor thing looks every month. Oh well it is gonna happen that is all I care about. I wish I had a camera with me last week when he was here. He had his new rank in his car displayed on the dash. HA how is that for motivation.

I have been blog hopping lately and enjoying reading. Some of you are such great writers. Which has brought me to two thoughts. The first thing is I am getting excited to meet some of you that will be attending the She Speaks Conference in Charlotte. I am not going to be attending but am looking forward to getting together with some of you so that I can thank you for praying for me face to face. It has meant the world to me. So if you have not let me know that you are coming please do:) The second thing that has been weighing on my heart is where do I go from here. God has my attention. What direction am I suppose to go? Am I suppose to put my journey into some sort of book to help other woman going through cancer? I am not a writer but I keep getting this nudge.

I have received several emails about the bracelets. Alexa will be home on Wed. So give her a few weeks. I know there are lots more states so don’t be shy to ask.

Heading to PT tomorrow I cant wait.

Happy Summer
fighting like a girl