Daddy’s on the way

I am soooooooooooooo happy Mike is heading this way. The girls are waiting and they are so excited. Savannah has had a hard time the last 2 nights. She starts freaking out about dark time. She keeps telling me that she is afraid to die and how does it feel to die. She has gotten sick over this. She keeps thinking someone is going to break in our home and kill her. She told me that she wanted daddy home and that I could not fight someone off. I told her you would be surprise what a mama can do when someone messes with her babies. Anyway I talked to her for a long time last night to find out where all this coming from. I think with all that has gone on with me and now Mike having his issue that she is just scared. We have done everything to hide a lot of this from them but kids just know. So tonight I am looking forward to her jumping in his arms and feeling that secure feeling that sometimes a daddy can only give. Please say a little prayer for Savannah. Looking forward to a great weekend:)

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