Dont have the energy to hang

It is the end of the year for school and boy is there a lot going on. Friday I did field day with Savannah, Sat the carnival with the girls school and today field day with Madison. I can not hang like I use to. The sun and the heat…I just can not do a long day. It is really hard for me not to be able to do everything that I use to. My prayer tonight is please allow me to become stronger and healthier.

Thanks for you comments last week. I am starting to get uptight about my dr apt on Friday. I know this is probably normal.

Tomorrow I am going to share my visit with a friend. I have been wanting to blog about her for about a month. Just so much going on. Miss the blog world and plan to catch up over the weekend.

Looking forward to school getting out and Summer fun with the girls!

Praising God for continuing to heal me. Thanks for praying for me:)
fighting like a girl