Genetic testing results

It has been the longest day today. I left Charlotte this morning for Greenville. It was sad to leave Mike but I needed to get Savannah to camp today. She is going to a Christian camp. I already miss her. I think it is going to be great for her to express her feelings with other girls her age. It has been a rough year for the girls. So pray for her this week to feel a personal relationship with the Lord. She is a great kid. I cant wait to see her on Friday and hear all about it.

Mike is going back to work tomorrow. Pray for him to keep getting stronger. He is feeling better though.

I get my results Monday morning. I am nervous. I remember waiting for my results to see if my biopsy was malignant or not. Then when I went to get my results after chemo and surgery to see if all the cancer was gone. Both times I was so crashed. So here we go. I keep telling myself each thing that I go through is going to make me stronger.

fighting like a girl