My teacher, mentor and friend

I have been so excited to blog about this but it was not the right time until now. When I was a little girl about Alexa’s age I had a Math teacher who I loved. She was a young, energetic, positive young lady. She was always smiling and working the classroom. She knew how to keep us focused and keep us in line. A few years after I had her as my teacher she helped me during my parents divorce. She was very good to me. I remember her telling me when it was time for her to get married she was going to have me in her wedding. I guess about 5 years later I was asked to be in her wedding. It was a blast. She has kept up with me all these years. I have called on her when I needed advice. I have called on her when I needed help with teaching the girls Math. She has been a great friend. Why she picked me to take under her wing? Over the years she has worked hard and now has her doctrine. I am so proud of her. She has a gorgeous voice and gives all the Glory to God. She has written her own songs and has her own CD. She has a passion for loving the Lord. During the last 9 months she has been there for me. Sometimes I would just call her and ask her to pray for me. She did not allow me to feel sorry for myself. She knew when I needed a push. So back in April she can to stay with me for a week. She shared my life, went to my church (which I love so much) and prayed with me. It was an amazing time. I want to thank God for bringing her into my life.

Dr. Mary J. Woolridge-you are an angel from God and I am blessed to know you. I pray for God to protect you. I pray that God continues to use you.

I love you-Friends Forever

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