Archives for June 2009

Quick Prayer for My Husband

The girls do not know yet!Mike had a heart attack last night and we are in the hospital in Greenville. I will update after his procedure tomorrow. Thanks in advance for you prayers.Cindy … [Read more...]

Apt Today with Oncologist

Ok the Dr says I look good and my counts are good! I ask tons of questions. It seems that I just need to get through the next 6 months. I see her again in Sept. It is time to start adding vitamins, calcium and vit D to my diet. It seems that the medicine that I am on makes the bones weak. So I … [Read more...]

My teacher, mentor and friend

I have been so excited to blog about this but it was not the right time until now. When I was a little girl about Alexa's age I had a Math teacher who I loved. She was a young, energetic, positive young lady. She was always smiling and working the classroom. She knew how to keep us focused and … [Read more...]

Dont have the energy to hang

It is the end of the year for school and boy is there a lot going on. Friday I did field day with Savannah, Sat the carnival with the girls school and today field day with Madison. I can not hang like I use to. The sun and the heat...I just can not do a long day. It is really hard for me not to … [Read more...]