Mike had his procedure this morning and is doing fine. I am happy to say that the doctor said that this was caught early enough that the medicines they have been giving him reduced the blockage by 30%. So now with diet, exercise and medicine he should be able to turn this around. Praise God! Mike is going to have to follow up with a Cardiologist in a few weeks. Having a heart attack this young is not good. So he is going to have to stay away from stress. Well as you all know our life has been all stress for a while now. So pray for our family to be able to continue to fight.
The girls are doing fine. The poor things have been through so much. They are in Charlotte and being taken care of by family and friends. Thank you so much for being there.
Your praying worked and I am so thankful. When he is up and about I can wait for him to read the comments.
Now for you Satan I guess you must have not been happy with my results Friday so you thought you could mess with my man! Well I hate to break it to ya. We are fine:)
fighting like a girl and thankful for my husband
Pastor Reggie, pat, Ken,Sue thanks for coming