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Doctor Apt

I have so much to tell but not enough time. So sorry I have been away for a week. Charlotte-Greenville and back....crazy!My dr apt with the new oncologist yesterday was great. She said that I am doing great. She is going to send me for a scan to check out a few things. So pray pray pray!I will … [Read more...]

Never gonna believe this

So I get home last night run to the computer because I am feeling so bad about leaving everyone hanging.....AARRGGGG I forgot the camera. I have the stick and the cord now but no stinking camera. So these are not the original ones. I just took these myself and I am not good at taking them myself … [Read more...]

Heading to Greenville

So Mike is at some training in Ft. Jackson so the girls and I are heading to Greenville to check on the house. I so need to sell my house. Please say a little prayer for me. I am going to be messing around with my blog for the next week so bare with me:) As soon as I get home I can show you my … [Read more...]

This is a bummer???

My daughter took the before pictures and after on her camera. Ok fine so I go to upload them and her memory stick is not the same size. Her cord is in Greenville and I am in Charlotte. So how am I suppose to do this. Maybe I am not such a computer person. Is there anything that I can do? … [Read more...]


I have been w/o a computer since I posted last so sorry! I will be putting my pictures up today with my crazy story and my wild hair:)Check back later and I am glad to have my computer back!!!!! … [Read more...]

My hair day:)

So I am super nervous! I am going to have my hair done for the first time in a long time. A girl should never have to go through this. Wish me luck...not sure what color or anything. I am taking all of your advice and going with no plans. Just going to have fun.Love Cindyfighting like a girl … [Read more...]

I hate CHEMO but my hair is growing-Help

So as you can see my hair was super long. I have always wore it long a few times shoulder length So when I was diagnosed with cancer the first thing I thought of was Oh my goodness am I going to die and not be able to raise my girls? It was so scary.(still is) The second thing I thought of was my … [Read more...]

Meet Alexa my oldest and the blog award she won!

Hi I'm Alexa and i was awarded a blog award from Rich Gifts. Thanks Edie. The rules are you have to nominate 7 people and list 7 things you may not know about me. Here they are:Here are 7 things you may not know about me.1. I love to babysit2. I can eat Chinese food 3 days a week3. I love to … [Read more...]

Meet my middle daughter Savannah Noel

Hey I am savannah.I am 10 yrs. old.I am going to fifth grade.I like cheerleading and make-up.I like to help my mom clean too.I also like going to church. Thanks for praying for my mom.I am so upset that michael jackson died.His daughter was so sad.i bet it would be confuisng if my dad passed … [Read more...]

Meet my youngest Madison Belle

After seeing Michael Jackson's daughter speak today it made me wonder. I bet my girls have a lot to say. It has been a long and tiring year fighting like a girl. This is one reason why I do. Here is Madison:) HI im madison im eight almost nine. now what im doing right now is SPILLING MY HEART to … [Read more...]