I hate CHEMO but my hair is growing-Help

So as you can see my hair was super long. I have always wore it long a few times shoulder length So when I was diagnosed with cancer the first thing I thought of was Oh my goodness am I going to die and not be able to raise my girls? It was so scary.(still is) The second thing I thought of was my hair. What was going to happen? Sure enough the drs told me that I would lose my hair after about 2 weeks of chemo. So I started letting my girls cut my hair before I just let my husband (strong army soldier) shave my head. Lots of tears. The girls handled pretty good. They kept telling me how beautiful I was as for the soldier…he was strong for me but shortly after shaving my head he took a little drive as for me cried like a baby. Anyway this is bringing back some very painful memories. So here I am my last chemo treatment was Dec 31! My hair is growing and it is not the same. The color is different shades of gray and it is curly and super thick. I have no idea what to do with it. So it gets a hat most of the time. I use to wear my wigs but no so much anymore. So my question is what color? How do I style it? If you have any suggestions I need some help:)

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