Meet my youngest Madison Belle

After seeing Michael Jackson’s daughter speak today it made me wonder. I bet my girls have a lot to say. It has been a long and tiring year fighting like a girl. This is one reason why I do. Here is Madison:)
HI im madison im eight almost nine. now what im doing right now is SPILLING MY HEART to all you guys watching this right now. A couple of hours ago i watched michael jackson’s mamoriael and his daughter speak.the first time my mom said michael jackson i thought she was talking about michael jourden
i like to jump on the trampoline i like to have sleepovers and i am very girly girl. i can do back hansprings backtuck. i love babies. i like to do make up.i like to sing and dance
thanks for wearing my moms bracelits thanks for praying for her. you are good people. mommy is better when you pray for her it makes her happy we love and pray for you every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!