Never gonna believe this

So I get home last night run to the computer because I am feeling so bad about leaving everyone hanging…..AARRGGGG I forgot the camera. I have the stick and the cord now but no stinking camera. So these are not the original ones. I just took these myself and I am not good at taking them myself as you can see:(. So first of all I look super different since all my treatments. I am a little shy and some what insecure. How do you like my new hat??? It says I love my soldier. I thought it was cute. I have become a hat lover post chemo. So this is how you will see me a lot:) Here is me trying to take a picture so you can see the color and how much it has grown. AS you can see from above I loved long hair. So I so do not know how to fix it but I am working on it.

Here is the back. It is a cinnamon color on the bottom and sides and crazy and wild blonde on the top. I figured I would have fun with it while it is growing.

So here ya go! It was a big ordeal to get this done. I was suppose to get it done on Friday and my girl was running late so after all said and done it was canceled then Sat came and she was running late again. She colored it the bottom color. She was afraid to do anything else. NOT me! I went to the PX on Sun and got this Blonde kit for short hair:)

I really wanted you all to see all the pictures so when I get back to Charlotte I will show you other pictures. Sorry it took so long. Let me know what you think. I can so change it.
trying to deal with short hair but happy to be ALIVE!!!
fighting like a girl