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OK I have not heard from 2 of you. I know you are probably busy. If you have not received your bracelet let me know. It happens a lot. The bracelet fairy visits the PO and not sure where they go. It use to really bother me but I guess someone wanted to pray for me :) Shoot me an email and Alexa … [Read more...]


Thanks for joining my team!BethAngieCrystalStacySharonDonationsMichael-100Bill and Gayla-100Thanks so much for your support! I made a goal for my team-1000.00Lets make it happen:)Cindyfighting like a girl … [Read more...]

Well we received our letter. It states several cases in the Middle School here:( Thanks for your comments! … [Read more...]


OK I am curious. Are any of your kids coming home with cases of the Swine Flu in their schools? I received a call today that I should be getting a letter today from one of my girls school with 2 confirm cases. What are we suppose to do? How do we protect the other students? Of course with my … [Read more...]

Small World

Brenda thanks for you donation!I am visiting lunchtime with Savannah and was speaking to her teacher. She is new (2nd yr) so I really don't know her that well. Can I say God is good! We were talking about growing up in the same city. Of course Miami is huge. We were talking about what schools … [Read more...]


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Susan G Komen

I am forming my team! If my local blog friends want to walk with me you can email me. If you are not in Charlotte you can sign up under my team and click on the sleep-in link. If you would like to make a donation or collect for me that would be fabulous. Remember every $1 counts. I know money … [Read more...]

Where have I been and what am I doing??

Lillie my yorkie had her babies about a week ago. So I have been busy have tons of fun. The girls are all in school and adjusting fine. Mike is feeling better and the Army is keeping him very busy. The house is still for sell so we will see how that goes. I am running around working at the girls … [Read more...]