Small World

Brenda thanks for you donation!

I am visiting lunchtime with Savannah and was speaking to her teacher. She is new (2nd yr) so I really don’t know her that well. Can I say God is good! We were talking about growing up in the same city. Of course Miami is huge. We were talking about what schools we went to. To make a long story short the private Christian school that I went to and where we went to Church is where her grandfather was the minister. Can you believe her grandfather was the pastor of my childhood church. SMALL WORLD!!! My daughter is being taught by his grand-daughter. How sweet is that. It is not like Charlotte NC is around the corner. Just thought I would share:)

Update on me:

Feeling good
Lymphademia is pretty bad:(

Still Praising God for getting me this far. It has been a yr now since I had my first chemo treatment.

Thanks for all your praying and support

fighting like a girl