A year ago was a blur….

I was thinking I can not believe how busy I have been for about 4 months. I am not complaining though. I rather be doing what I am doing then being sick and not able to get up. Last year during the holidays I was going through chemo. It was super hard for me to function and enjoy my girls. So this year we are taking the girls to Disney for Christmas. I decided this back in the Spring. I knew if I felt up to it I wanted to make special memories with them. I know they will never forget watching their Mommy struggle to wake up and care for them but I thought doing something different would fabulous. I will fill you in on our trip this weekend. I am so excited!

Last year a lot of my blog friends made me ornaments for my tree. It meant the world to me. It is a reminder of all the praying and support I received. I truly will never forget it. You all followed me and gave me something to look forward to and I thank you for that. This year I have a request. My Mom gave up her life for me while I was going through my treatments. She drove back and forth to sit with me while I was getting my chemo and stayed with me on the weekends. She was a real trooper. I know it was hard on her but she never complained and I never saw her sad. She always came with a positive attitude that I would fight like a girl. So my favor is I would love for all of you to send her a Christmas card. I am not going to tell her so it will be a surprise. I would like for her to feel the love and support that I did last year. Thank you for always being there:)

fighting like a girl

Barbara (CINDYS MOM)