Prayer request for a breast cancer sister

I received a comment not too long ago and it tore my heart open. Yet another women has been diagnosis with this terrible disease. I would like everyone to take a few minutes and say a prayer for her. It is so tuff. Her last chemo treatment is on the 15th. Which to someone who is going through treatment is like the best thing ever. So congrats to you Cindy. You are almost there. Be strong. Fight as hard as you can. Surgery and radiation is a breeze to the chemo. I am praying for you. I know you are scared. I have been there. I AM THERE. I am there everyday of my life. I am almost at a year since my surgery and I know that I am high risk for the next several years. I pray that God walks with me every step. If you need anything let me know. Blogging has been amazing. My followers pulled me through. I needed them so much and they were there. My prayer for you is fight like a girl and be healed completely. Thanks to you all for praying for her.

fighting like a girl