Showing the girls places we have been stationed

My first friend in Fl while we were stationed at Tampa Battalion:) She had 3 boys and I have 3 girls. Our 6 kids could wreck a house faster than a tornado. Great memories! Love your family.

Alexa and Jacqui were in K-2 together. Alexa was crushed when her Daddy received orders to move. They are now 13 and still love each other:)

Carol and I were neighbors turned friends. Her son was a Ranger in the Army. She has been a great supporter of my military life. It was great to see her. Love you!

My very first home that we owned. All of those trees were what we planted. The have gotten so big. I loved it so much. The day we moved in Alexa was my only one and she was 1 yrs old. Where did the time go?

So on our trip we wanted to show the girls three areas we were stationed in Florida. My two youngest were born in Fl while we were stationed there. It was a lot of fun. I am not sure the girls were as excited as we were to see our homes, places we shopped and things we did. They seemed to like the headphones on their head and Disney channel Mike had installed in the car Haha. He just could understand why they were like Dad-OK Dad I see….:( Oh well when you are in the military and you look back at your rank and pay and how you did this and how you did that it was pretty cool. So those of you that know Mike knows he gets super attached to our homes. I kid you not very time we pulled up to a house he was saying oh my goodness what happened to the yard? Where is all the landscape? So funny. After he got over his shock he started knocking on the doors. Of course me I am running for the car and saying no no don’t knock on the door. I think he still thought he owned them-lol. We did get to take a tour of the last one we owned so Alexa remember her room she was 5-7yrs there. We had a in ground pool at that one so I heard awww I want a house with a pool again. The man was very nice (same owner who we sold to). I think the one that took the cake is our first home. Mike and I had two of our girls in this home. He was an E-5 and he was so proud of buying this home for me. It was brand new and I loved it. It was my dream home:) He was so disappointed in the way it was taken care of. No tour the lady (same owner here too) was not home or was hiding from my stalker husband. As we traveled around we visited some of our friends and neighbors. Love the life of the Army. I would have never been able to meet so many wonderful people. Friends for life! Til tomorrow-


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