Things we take for granted…

Sometimes it is the smallest things. Do you know what LYMPH NODES are? I had heard of them. I knew the Dr always checked them when you go for you appointments. I guess I just took them for granted. They do so much for the body. My LN were removed on my left axilla. Which is under my arm on the same side of the cancer. I hope you are tracking. Anyway anytime you hurt your arm or exercise or do something that causes stress the LN know what to do. How can these little tiny things do so much??? Well now I know. My left arm is in so much pain. My two arms that belong to me don’t match. It really looks like two different peoples arm. I am not sure that it ever gets better. It is hard to wear clothes because it is too tight. It looks terrible in a short sleeve top. It is just plain painful. So today be thankful for those little LN in your body. They are working hard to keep the Lymph fluid run thorough your body. I miss mine:( BUT I am thankful for what I do have and don’t take any of it for granted.

fighting like a girl

Pray for Savannah she is sick family member #2 Mike is #1